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One team. One dream. One flawless execution.

Every story has its beginning. And ours begins just before the turn of the century in 1999. In the cool, clean waters of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Baja California. When an unwavering belief that our oceans are an integral part of humanity – providing us with nourishment, prosperity and an honourable way of life – inspired our journey to seek harmony between people, innovation, and nature.


We are guided by our moral compass.

We are fearless optimists. We believe in raising seafood in a manner that honors our traditional way of life, and the health of our planet. Guided by the wisdom of our ancestors, we will harness our courage and creativity to develop and utilize methods that will improve the resiliency and diversity of our oceans for current and future generations.

We are leaders. Never followers.

We believe in asking the big questions. In finding big, bold solutions. We freely share our knowledge and expertise in the hopes that we can work together to protect the health of our oceans and set new standards for responsible bluefin tuna aquaculture.


Nature always comes first.

That’s why our bluefin tuna are raised in their natural habitat – the pristine oceanic waters off the coast of Baja California, Mexico. And it’s why our fish consume an all-natural diet of fresh, locally sourced bait-fish to maintain their natural feeding habits.

Our core values

Our core values center on sustainability, excellence, innovation, and respect for the ocean’s riches and communities we serve.

We Care, About the Future

Listening to our consumers.
Engaging with nature.
Being thoughtful about our fisheries resources.

We Dare, To Lead

Revolutionizing farming practices.
Pioneering a bold business model.
Championing responsible resources management.

We Share, Our Success

Endorsing the development of our people.
Fostering a thriving culture.
Blossoming our communities.